Driving Force Junior Golf Program

Build the Athlete, then Build the Golfer

Supporting the Titleist Performance Institute's (TPI) Junior Performance Program, Driving Force offers a juniors program that focuses on the proven theories of Functional Movement System (FMS), which is concept of training junior golfers to become athletes first and golfers second, and the Long Term Player Development Program (LTPD), which is a process designed to establish a consistent and systematic guide to maximizing the potential of golfers and to increase the number of people participating in the sport.

Kids participating in the Driving Force Junior Golf program will be taken through an exceptional training program that teaches them skills such as throwing, kicking, balancing, coordination, and golf skills. Each of these skills are learned at different "stations" within the Driving Force facility.

As the juniors get older and their skills progress, the focus becomes more on golf and less on the other skills they have mastered during the program. The end goal being a much more well-rounded athlete and, thus, also a skilled golfer.

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Driving Force Summer Camps

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